Boxing therapy is a revolutionary approach to dealing with emotional and mental challenges. It combines the physical elements of boxing with expert guidance from a psychologist to provide a holistic experience. It helps you to express your emotions, discover your inner strength, build your resilience and strengthen your emotional well-being.


What can you expect?

Boxing is a great way to expose patterns in the here and now as body language tells us more than a thousand words. The boxing therapy method emphasizes unconscious behaviour, posture, and the present physical tensions. It also provides insights into any blockages, patterns, beliefs, adjustments, insecurities, reflexes, emotions or survival strategies.

A boxing therapy session starts in a similar way as a conversation, and also ends by wrapping up through evaluation of the session. It's only the methodology in between that is different. Patterns that are seen through boxing can say a lot about how you deal with certain aspects of yourself and others around you in life. We will then sit down and talk about it, and connect the here and now with your past experiences/traumas and then work towards your goals.

Why do I use boxing as a therapeutic basis?
To allow you to consciously experience, feel, express and move in order to create more insights around your personal themes. Y
ou may pick up a lot of understanding about your automatic responses to triggers in the environment that can 'move' you.

This may help to gain more direct insights into your anxiety responses, your coping mechanisms, and your emotions. Boxing therapy can help you to feel more self-confident and increase your comfort and trust in your own body and its strength. Of course, we will determine your personal specific goal for boxing therapy at the start of the trajectory.




    Common themes treated with boxing therapy:

    • Anxiety disorders, worrying
    • Stress, burn-out
    • Anger management 
    • Depression
    • Trauma
    • Negative self-esteem
    • Identity questions
    • Mourning problems
    • Boundaries
    • Unhandled problems of the past 
    • LGBTQAI+ Healing the wounds of rejection, shame, exploring possibilities of sexual orientation, relationship management, self-esteem issues.

    Why is boxing therapy effective?
    Awareness about yourself arises through experience, not just by using conversation techniques. You will recognise reflexes in yourself though movement that translate back to emotions and thoughts. Doing this step by step, it can elicit behavioural change. We will translate big goals into smaller achievable steps.