Frequently asked questions


1. Why is boxing therapy effective?
Awareness about yourself arises through experience, not just by using conversation techniques. You will recognise reflexes in yourself though movement that translate back to emotions and thoughts. Doing this step by step, it can elicit behavioural change. We will translate big goals into smaller achievable steps. 


2.  Do I need to be an experienced boxer? 

No. There's no fighting experience required to apply for boxing therapy. We start very calmly by paying attention to the right techniques. The emphasis is never on ‘working on a better physical condition’ or 'learning how to box well’. Boxing only serves as the means of therapeutic intervention.

3.  Am I going to be hit?

Safety and the prevention of injuries is a prime objective. And by safety, I also refer to your subjective experience of security and comfort. You will be repeatedly invited to share your experiences and clarify and expand your boundaries.
A boxing therapy trajectory builds up gradually from attention to techniques and movement towards more advanced interventions. For instance, we might start with practising via punches in the air (shadow boxing) or on the punch bag. Only when the basics are covered we move towards punching on the therapist's punch-pads or gloves. This facilitates the experience of reactions to an attack by stepping out, moving away, defending by blocking, or counter attacking. 

4.  Do I need to buy boxing gloves?

No, I have gloves available you may use. I do have to ask you to purchase a set of inner-gloves or wraps prior to the first session. 

5.  What should I wear? 

Wear comfortable clothing, and also bring a small towel. Please bear in mind there are no facilities to change clothes or shower.  


6. Where is boxing therapy located?
I am renting a private space at a Boxing gym close to the center of Utrecht. It is a fully equipped boxing club with a calm space to sit down as well. 


6. What are the cancellation policies?

You are always able to reschedule or cancel a session. I would recommend you to send an email to:
There will be no costs for cancellation if the session is cancelled 48 hours prior to the planned date and time. Later cancellations I will be obliged to still charge full price.